Sudoku Normal
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To Start a Sudoku Game, select a level and click on generate to create a Sudoku grid
The goal of the sudoku game is to fill the whole grid with numbers from 1 to 9.
The initial sudoku grid will contain some fields with numbers that can not be changed. (The amount of predefined numbers depends on the level.) the other fields, where you shall put the number I have filled with a small selection matrix so that you can click on the number with which you want to fill a field.
Problem is that each number may occur only once in each row, each column and in each of the nine 9er boxes (3x3). If you select for a field a number that does not match these conditions then the number will be shown with a red background. To undo one of your selections just click on the field again. That will remove the number and show the selection matrix again. I hope you have fun playing Sudoku.

You can play more of My Games or email to my email address to complain. The Game was programmed by Armin Kielack in JavaScript.

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