Browser Games for Kindle and Ipad1

You got an Ipad1 but can not find anymore any games in the apple appstore for it? Fortunately you can still use the browser on the tablet to surf the web. Yes you can not play Flash games, but it is possible to play Javascript games in the browser of your IPad, from the list below.

Same applies for the Amazon kindle. The silk browser on the Kindle does not support Flash, but you can play Javascript games for a short game. And you don't have to download dozens or hundreds of Megabytes first.

Below a list of Javascript Games I had adapted for Ipad and Kindle.
sznill puzzle
sznill battle
Tower of Hanoi
N3DS Memory
Corona - a circular nim game
Froxot Pipe Battle
Froxot Pipe Battle is also available as download for PC

I have programmed also more javascript browser games for other systems